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Delicious. Smart. Easy.

No matter what size your group, Home Run Inn Catering gives you everything you need to cater with confidence.

  • Our menu includes everything from our classic pizzas to our signature salads and entrees.
  • Our experienced professionals help plan and organize each order.
      Contact: Colleen Brown
      Phone: 1-877-PZA-TOGO (1-877-792-8646)
      Email: catering@hripizza.com
  • We custom-develop delivery plans and deliver to multiple locations, day and night.

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@UltraFoods that's the plan!! Enjoy 🍕😉

RT @CraftBrewingBiz: Friday Fun: BEHOLD the ultimate beer/pizza pairing infographic. @HomeRunInn @MattZajechowski https://t.co/fpuFgDPTa0

Ever wonder how we make our pizzas? Take a look. #homeruninnpizza https://t.co/OHqZ5UX26G

  • I tried my first Home Run Inn frozen pizza tonight and thought it was the best frozen pizza I have ever had. Great crust and the sauce has an excellent flavor. Thanks for making this great product available in the south!

  • My husband and I think your pizza is the best! We think it is better than any of the restaurants that are in our area. We met one of your representatives in our Pick ‘n Save food store, handing out free samples, and we told her what we thought of your pizza. Please consider Lake Geneva for a location for one of your restaurants! Thank You."
  • I would like to thank you for making a pizza that I can enjoy without fallout resulting from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I gave up eating pizzas because of the preservatives, high fat and salt contents. This tastes GREAT!"
  • You have the best frozen pizza I have ever tasted. Your frozen pizzas are better than most restaurants around the Carolinas. My wife and my two daughters feel the same way. I wish you had restaurants around here and also wish that more grocery store chains would carry your pizzas. Keep up the great art of making fine pizzas.

  • My parents were both born in Italy, and Mom who is still alive at 84 is very fussy about her Italian food and her pizza. Your frozen pizzas are the best and she made me buy her 25 of them for the freezer for when the grandkids visit...I can't begin to tell you how far ahead of everyone your pies are. They are wonderful. I hope they never stop selling them at the Piggly Wigglys here in Charleston."
  • Home Run Inn is the best frozen pizza I have ever had! We discovered Home Run Inn pizza at our local grocery store. It has the best flavor of any pizza, frozen or freshly baked. My family loves it!"
  • I just had my first Home Run Inn frozen pizza and I think it's the best frozen pizza I've ever had. I'm so glad my local stores have started carrying the product. I'm definitely recommending it to friends."
  • Alan - Durham, NC
  • Anita & Adam - Lake Geneva, WI
  • Deb - Shorewood, MN
  • Davey - Monroe, NC
  • Tony - Summerville, SC
  • Katerri - Lowry, MN
  • Bobette - Ipava, IL