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About Us

Our Pizza

Continuing the Tradition.

Home Run Inn pizzas are made from our original family recipe created in 1947 by Mary Grittani and Nick Perrino. We take great pride in serving the highest quality products to our customers.


Premium Pizza

Great ingredients are key to a great pizza. We make our dough from scratch daily so it comes out buttery and flaky – just the perfect thickness inspired by our Italian heritage. Our sauce is made from the ripest tomatoes in Modesto, California. Within two hours of harvest, they’re peeled, pasteurized and mixed with our unique spice blend.

laura's favorite pizza

All-Natural Ingredients

Our mozzarella cheese is shredded daily to maximize freshness and never produced with fillers or dry powder milk. We prepare our all-natural homemade Italian sausage daily using our unique old-world family recipe. Unlike some competitors, our pepperoni and bacon are all natural, untouched by nitrates and fillers.

Our Pizza

Learn About Our Pizza & History

The all-natural pizza your family will love and the history behind the tavern-style pie.


Add a Twist to Your Favorite HRI Pie

Recipes created by the HRI family to inspire your pizza adventures.