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Fundraise With Us

Fundraise With Us

Take N' Bake Pizzas
Fundraising Facts

Profit Example:

Average order: $25 | Guest Participation: 100 orders | Organization Profits: $750

How It Works

Home Run Inn Take N’ Bake fundraising makes it easy for your organization to reach fundraising goals! Purchase our delicious, quality Take N’ Bake pizzas to earn 30% back to your organization.
step 1
How It Works

Step 1: Register your Group to Fundraise

How It Works

Step 2: Share your personalized online order link

Once your organization selects a fundraising date and preferred HRI pizzeria, you will be provided a unique link for your organization. Share it with supporters on websites, social media posts, emails, and other forms of communications. Home Run Inn will use this link to track your earnings.

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step 3
How It Works

Step 3: Use our online media kit to promote your fundraiser

We provide images for you to use in your social media posts and emails, making it an easy and profitable program for coordinators!

How It Works

Step 4: Enjoy & watch your dough roll in

Once orders are placed, the online order link will track and share organization success. Every Take N’ Bake pizza purchased will earn your organization 30% back. To order, click the link below to find your fundraiser.

step 4
Take N Bake Pepperoni Pizza

Take N' Bake Pizza

Order your fresh take n’ bake pizzas, made with quality ingredients, ready to be baked in your home oven!


Ordering through your given fundraising link guarantees your order will contribute to the fundraising goal. Final organization orders are due the Wednesday before the fundraising pickup dates begin. Take N’ Bake Pizzas are available for carryout or curbside pick-up.