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Frequently Asked Questions

Frozen Questions

  1. Q: Are the ENZYMES used in your cheese animal derived?
    A: Apart from the milk used, no other ingredients of animal origin are used.  The enzyme used for our cheese is a microbial fermentation ingredient approved by the FDA.  It is NOT an animal (beef or pork) derived rennet. (Rennet is used in the production of most cheeses.  The mammal’s digestive system must be accessed to obtain its rennet.  NON-ANIMAL alternatives for rennet ARE suitable for consumption by vegetarians.)
  2. Q: What type of Mozzarella is used? Is it FRESH Mozzarella?
    A: It is block, whole milk mozzarella shredded daily.  Not Fresh Mozzarella.
  3. Q: Is your cheese source Domestic or from a Foreign Source?
    A: Domestic.
  4. Q: Do you offer tours of the factory/plant?
    A: Due to insurance regulations we do not.
  5. Q: Has the WHEAT FLOUR you use in your crust been enriched or is it SIMPLE wheat flour with no modifications?
    A: The flour we use is SIMPLE WHEAT FLOUR, it has not been BROMATED or BLEACHED and has no additives or enrichments.
  6. Q: Why can’t I get the bottom crust to brown up no matter how long I bake it?
    A: SUGAR makes dough brown. We do not use any extra sugars in our dough.  YEAST – We use a high-quality cake yeast which gives us a lighter color, but a delicious flavor.
  7. Q: Why is the pizza I purchased all folded over or toppings all shifted to one side?
    A: This is caused by mishandling either by the shipper or the grocer. Most likely this pizza thawed out allowing all the toppings to shift and then was re-frozen.
  8. Q: Where can I purchase Home Run Inn pizza?
    A: On our website, we have a search engine called PIZZA NEAR ME. It is at the top right corner on our webpage. This search engine currently searches out 100 miles and actually shows the type of pizza carried by each retailer.
  9. Q: I was able to buy the pizza, but my store no longer carries it. Can I still get it in?
    A: Our distributors and areas can fluctuate, so it’s possible that some are no longer able to buy the pizza. We suggest customers inform the retailer that they want to purchase the product.
  10. Q: I baked a CLASSIC pizza following the directions and the crust came up so hard I could barely cut it, do you have any suggestions to achieve a softer crust?
    A: Our CLASSIC pizzas bake up well at a preheated 450 degree oven placed directly on the rack.  If you prefer a softer crust, please consider using a baking sheet instead of directly on the rack.
  11. Q: Why is your pizza so salty? Do you have a variety you might suggest with less sodium?
    A: Salt is a naturally occurring ingredient in cheese. Our ULTRA THIN varieties are a great option if you would like a lower sodium option.  The 6” personal size ULTRA THIN would be the choice for the least amount of sodium.
  12. Q: I enjoy your pepperoni pizza; however, I do not feel there is enough pepperoni on it.
    A: The 12” pizzas are topped with 14 pepperoni slices and the 6” pizzas are topped with four pepperoni slices.
  13. Q: From where do you purchase your sausage? Why did I find a small bone chip inside the sausage?
    A: We grind and make our own sausage fresh daily, adding our own seasonings from our original family recipe. In the grinding process, occasionally a bone chip passes through. The USDA has guidelines as to the size of bone chip that is allowed to pass through into the sausage.
  14. Q: I love your small personal pizzas but they just do not turn out right in my microwave. The pizza becomes too hard to even eat.
    A: Microwave ovens vary. Our directions are based upon a 1000-watt microwave. We suggest setting the timer for HALF the time and increase by 20 second intervals.
  15. Q: I opened my pizza and there was no cellophane or the cellophane was torn/ripped. Why was this?
    A: This could have been a packaging mechanical error. Please contact customer service for additional support.
  16. Q: Do I need to thaw the pizza before baking?
    A: No, we suggest placing the frozen pizza directly in a pre-heated oven according to the directions on the box.
  17. Q: I am a vegetarian. What vegetables are on your Veggie Lovers pizza?
    A: The Veggie Lovers is a three-way, diced blend of red and green peppers with yellow onions.
  18. Q: My family has many allergies. Have your pizzas come in contact with any peanuts, tree nuts, fish, sesame or shellfish? Do you label when a product “may contain” an allergen?
    A: We do not have any of these items in our plant. The only allergens in the plant are wheat and milk. They are listed on the box below the ingredient statement.
  19. Q: I heard you have sales at your plant, how often are they and how can I arrange to be notified?
    A: We sell our thrift (not quite perfect) pizzas a few times a year at what we call our DOCK sale.  The best way to be notified is to become a member of our MVP Club which will notify you about upcoming sales.
  20. Q: I purchased a cheese pizza and baked it upside down in my oven. How can I tell the difference from the top and the bottom for next time?
    A: Unlike our competitors, we par-bake our pizzas. The bottom has pinholes in the crust. The cheese normally has brown spots on the top and are placed right-side up in the box.

Restaurant Questions

  1. Q: Do I have to download the app to sign up for HRI Rewards?
    A: Guests can download the Home Run Inn app or sign-up online (Sign Up Here) to join our rewards program. 
  2. Q: How do I receive my Free Birthday Pizza?
    A: You must be signed up for HRI Rewards in order to receive a Free Pizza on your birthday. If you only receive emails from us you will receive your offer via email. If you have downloaded the Home Run Inn App and created an account then you will receive an email and the offer will also be added to your app. *Offer is subject to change.
  3. Q: Do you store my credit card information?
    A: No. We do not store or see your credit card information. We integrate directly with Visa, MasterCard, etc (who already have your card information of course). When you register your card with our app, your card number is encrypted with bank-level security and sent directly from your phone to Visa, MasterCard, etc. They mark your card as enrolled and send us a notification when you use it to make a purchase at a participating location. We never know or even see your credit card. We will not and cannot charge your card, nor can your card be stolen from us – we do not have it. All data sent to and from your phone is encrypted.

    If you have questions, please fill out the Contact Form, and customer care representatives will answer any questions you might have.