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Where in the World is Home Run Inn?

Home Run Inn pizzas have been made the same way from our original family recipe created in 1947. Yes! 1947! Our dough is a true Chicago pizza crust that is thin but sturdy enough to hold the delicious toppings. Perfect for any state! We may be from Chicago, but we don’t discriminate.

It is the Chicago community that helped create our brand, continue its success and instill that it is Chicago’s #1 Frozen Pizza. When you think of Chicago you cannot help but remind yourself of the hall of famer Michael Jordan, the Northside institute of Wrigley Field, the beautiful skyline of Chicago topped off by the Willis Tower and now the classic buttery crust of the iconic Chicago institute Home Run Inn.
Not able to get to our Chicagoland restaurants? Trying to determine what to buy a certain someone you are thankful for? No worries! You can find Home Run Inn pizza in over 28 states using our HRI Finder!

Let’s review…High quality authentic Chicago Pizza made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, a resourceful way to bring Chicago back to your home, now we just need to enjoy! With the holiday’s season suddenly upon us, gifts and parties are a must!
Can’t get away from the TV with football, basketball and hockey in full throttle? HRI pizza pairs perfectly with any type of sports gathering or game you are interested in. Visit our recipe page for great ways to turn your Chicago favorite into a party perfection.