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4 Times Frozen Pizza Will Save Your Thanksgiving Weekend

First things first, you should know we’re not Scrooges of Thanksgiving. We love the holiday—the food, the football, and the day off—but we know creating a huge meal and spending QT with the family can be stressful. Someone’s always barking cooking orders at you, and Aunt Sue just won’t let go of your different political views.

We’ll let you in on a little secret on how to break from the madness: Home Run Inn frozen pizza. It a) requires no stress and b) is a pretty solid destressing method since it’s hard to care about anything else when you’re eye to eye with an epic slice of thin crust. In fact, pizza just might save your holiday—and your sanity. Here are four instances you’ll be happy you have pizza stocked in your freezer.

The night before Thanksgiving when you just can’t cook a whole meal.
If you’ve been in the kitchen prepping the pies and slicing and dicing your way through the various side dishes, you probably can’t even think about what you’ll eat for the most immediate meal. Don’t submit yourself to a so-so bowl of cereal. There’s a better answer (spoiler alert: it’s pizza).

Thanksgiving day when the turkey catches on fire in the oven.
The entire Thanksgiving meal hinges on the bird coming out *perfectly* done. But if that plan goes south and you forget to take it out of the oven until it’s crispy and scorched (not in a good way), there’s a fix. Stall the hungry guests for another 20 minutes while your frozen pizza bakes. Not only will you get hero status for the day, you just might start a new family tradition.

When you need to fuel your Black Friday online shopping marathon.
Black Friday is generally something we’d advise staying far away from, but the internet makes it SO easy. There’s no need to put on real clothes (those stretchy sweatpants you’ve been wearing for 24 hours will do just fine), no need to brush your hair, and no need to battle the deal-crazed shoppers at the mall. Instead, settle into the couch with your laptop and a just-out-of-the-oven pizza, and you’ve got yourself a day.

The Saturday after, when you can’t stomach another bite of stuffing.
If you enjoyed one, two, or three servings on Thanksgiving, we’re betting you could use a break from the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Remind your taste buds about another favorite food: pizza. And if you’re one of those types who just can’t get enough of Thanksgiving foods, top your ‘za with your leftovers. Turkey, gravy, and even some green bean casserole on top of a cheese pizza beats a blah turkey sandwich every single time.