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8 Instagram Accounts Every Pizza Lover Should Follow

Serious pizza lovers aren’t satisfied with the few-and-far-between sightings of their No. 1 nosh. No, to you, this pizza-loving thing is a lifestyle, and that means you need inspiration on the reg. The easiest way to get your fix is by following the right accounts on Instagram. These eight pretty much guarantee a steady stream of crave-inducing shots (just try not to drool straight onto your iPhone when scrolling through your pizza-fied feed).

The crazy-popular account from the @infatuation team has almost 500,000 followers. And if you want in on the photos of melty ‘za from pizzerias around the globe, then you should be one of them.

The account isn’t as active as it once was, but scrolling through Chicagoan Josh Breger’s previous posts should be in your back pocket when looking for your next slice in the Windy City.

The trade publication Pizza Today may be intended for pizzeria owners and others in the biz, but even the average pizza-obsessed among us will get all heart-eyed over the ‘grams posted here.

We’ll be totally honest with you: We’re not sure what this guy’s back-story is. All we know is that he’s gotten snap-happy all around the world, from Brazil to Costa Rica. And if exotic travels are not enough to make you envious, did we mention he eats pizza at basically every locale?

You can’t call yourself a Home Run Inn fan without being one of our devoted followers, right? Follow along for ideas on how to jazz up your frozen pizza (get after this veggie pizza, like now), photos from fellow fans, and ooey-gooey videos of your favorite brand of pizza in action.

Shout out to another hometown favorite: This account is dedicated to all of Chicago’s best eats. Since pizza is as essential to our city as The Bean, you can bet on it making an enticing appearance about every 10 posts or so.

Heed the hipster approach to snapping pizza Instagrams: Take a Polaroid of a girl eating pizza, place it on top of said pizza, and take another shot of Polaroid plus pizza to post on Instagram. Despite the suggestive name, the account’s 100 percent safe for work—and also safe to assume it’ll send your pizza cravings into overdrive.

Technically, this account is dedicated to all things cheese. But you can’t make pizza without the stuff, so you’re going to want to follow along. As for the extra, over-the-top cheesy shots of mac and cheese (some literally are over the top) and grilled cheese that’ll pop up on your feed? We’re not complaining. There are worse problems to have.