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Our Favorite Tastes for the Big Game

The Patriots will battle the Eagles. Justin Timberlake will rock half-time and now you are just left to figure out the most important part of the evening – the food! Here at Home Run Inn Pizza, we love pizza, of course, but we also love our favorite tastes from the Big Game. So we combined some of them below for the ultimate Super Bowl pizzas. Make them for your party and let us know what you think!


There are many ways to do this one depending on your spice tolerance as long as you get in the key flavors – chicken, buffalo sauce and blue cheese. If you are making your pizza from scratch, you’ll want to mix the red sauce with some buffalo sauce (we recommend Frank’s Red Hot) as the base and then top with mozzarella, blue cheese, chopped up cooked chicken and minced celery. Need to save time? Use one of our frozen Home Run Inn cheese pizzas and sprinkle on some blue cheese. Toss the chicken in buffalo sauce before you put it on the pizza and bake. Once done, sprinkle minced celery and for spice lovers, an extra drizzle of buffalo sauce across the pizza. Serve with blue cheese dressing or ranch for dunking.  You can also check out this great recipe as well.


Since the Eagles made the Super Bowl it’s only appropriate to pay homage to their home city – Philadelphia. What better way to do that then with a Philly Cheesesteak pizza. Here at Home Run Inn we start with our ultra thin Veggie Lovers pizza because it’s already loaded with fire roasted peppers and onions (If you want to be completely authentic and ditch the red peppers, feel free to start off with a cheese only base). Add either American or provolone cheese to the pizza before you cook it and feel free to add more sautéed onions or peppers if you wish. Top with sliced beef (skirt steak or thinly sliced rib eye work best) and bake following the instructions of the pizza.


We looked to our walking taco party pizza for some inspiration for this one. First gather all of your favorite nacho toppings – pickled jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole, refried beans, etc. Take one of Home Run Inn’s thin cheese pizza and use that as your canvas. Feel free to bake the pizza as is or add a bit of queso or pepper jack cheese. You can even top with nacho-spiced ground beef.  Once baked, add all of your favorite toppings including nacho chips which you can crumble right one top. Dig in.


If we are going to show some love to Philly then we must show some love to New England as well. Yes, we know not everyone is a fan of Tom Brady and his eight visit to the Super Bowl, but the food in New England everyone could agree to love. Although New Haven has its own style pizza, you can still make your own New England inspired pies. Seafood is key! A popular variation is a white clam pizza. You can use Home Run Inn’s cheese pizza base (or make your own without sauce) and top with shucked little neck clams, garlic, Pecorino Romano, and oregano, similar to this recipe.  We’ve developed a “Surfs Up” pizza full of shrimp and crab (go ahead and add some lobster) that is sure to give you your seafood fix as well.