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The Most Googled Summer Obsessions by State

There’s just something really wonderful about summer. Winter may have the holiday season, fall may have its magical falling leaves, and spring has its much-welcomed warmth, but the summer season has more than just a few things that make it special like vacations, hours of leisure for kids out of school, and grilling out in the backyard.

To celebrate summer and all of its fun, we took a look at Google trends data to find out what the most searched for summer obsessions were around the country.

Let’s take a dive into all of the data we found. (click image to expand view)

Every region celebrates the summer a little differently, and when we looked at the Google trends data for the most searched summer obsessions by state, we found some interesting patterns and even a few clichés.

Campsites were the top summer obsession search in Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado (not surprising considering all of the beautiful terrain and national parks). As for Utah, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, and Ohio, it’s all about relaxing in the great outdoors: Their top summer searches were for hammocks. But in Tennessee, New Mexico, Hawaii, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey, they all have fresh fruits and veggies on the brain with “farmers market” as their top summer keyword search.

For many of us, summer is all about getting outside and enjoying the most of the weather before winter comes once again, which means participating in plenty of summer outdoor activities.

Californians are certainly no stranger to outdoor activities and they most commonly searched for “skateboard” (along with their neighbor Nevada). In Vermont and Alaska, “bike rental” was the most commonly searched summer obsession, and Louisianans apparently can’t wait to head out on the water in their boat, which was their most commonly searched summer term. In Oklahoma and Alabama, the top summer searches were for softball, which is most likely because they have two of the top women’s softball teams in the country (who have gone head to head a time or two in the national championship). Interestingly, only Arizona had a top search for “public pool” (perhaps because their average high in July is 106), and Maryland was the lone state that had a top search for amusement park. South Dakota was also a bit of a loner in their summer search, with the only state to have a top search for “county fair.”

And with the summer season comes summer food and drink, which means lots of grilling and drinking a cold beverage out on the porch, patio, or by the pool.

In much of the Northeast—New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island—it’s all about their favorite regional summer treat: the lobster roll, which was the most Googled summer obsession. In Nebraska and Wisconsin, their top summer searches were for “Moscow Mule” and in New York and Illinois, the top searches were for where they could find a good rooftop bar (most likely to escape that city heat). Just one state—Mississippi—searched most for popsicle, and only Florida had grill as their top summer search. North Dakota was also an outlier, with the only state to have a top search for corn on the cob.

For the rest of the country, it was all about keeping cool however they could. In Oregon, Montana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, the top summer searches were for “air conditioner.” Meanwhile in Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and South Carolina, they want to keep cool on the porch with a nice breeze on their porch swings. In Iowa, their idea of keeping cool in the summer is apparently having a nice sprinkler to run through, which was their top summer search. And in Texas, it’s more about keeping your drink cold rather than yourself: Their top summer search was for the word “koozie.”

The Top 10 Most Googled Summer Obsessions in the Country

Now that we know what was trending regionally and by state, let’s take a look at what the top summer obsession searches were nationally. Coming in at the very top was (unsurprisingly) the word burger, followed by trampoline, farmers market, skateboard, air conditioner, grill, hammock, watermelon, popsicle, and flip flops. All of these summer pastimes are great by themselves, but put them all together and you’d have yourself the perfect summer day.