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The Ultimate Spread for an Awards Viewing Party

Posted on 26 Jan 2018

Nothing says award season like red carpet fashion watching with friends and casting your own ballot for the winners. Whether you are a music fan or a movie buff, we can all agree that no award watching party is complete without an award-winning lineup of food. Here are some of our picks for our favorite appetizers that are sure to wow your audience.

Pizza Records or Mix Tapes

Turn your favorite pizza into a record. We think this is best done in small bites (so if you have a full size pizza get out a circle shaped cookie cutter). Put a pepperoni in the middle and surround the outside of the pizza circle with black olives. You can also do a mix tape by cutting the pizza into rectangles and putting two black olives for the tape deck part. Don’t like black olives? Get creative and craft your own greatest hits.

Home Run Inn makes six-inch round pizzas that would be perfect to use as well. Each guest could start with the basic olives and pepperoni (or even a tomato for the larger pie) and add their own toppings. You could even do a contest for best album.

Flavored Popcorns 

Nothing says award shows like a bowl of freshly popped popcorn! Instead of going the butter and salt route, get creative. Make ranch popcorn by mixing melted butter with a packet of ranch seasoning and pour over the popcorn. Make trail mix popcorn by adding in M & Ms, pretzels and peanuts.  Add a little parmesan cheese and truffle salt for some umami. The possibilities are endless.

Pizza topped with tomatoes and spinach
BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

Themed Pizzas

Have fun with the evening by creating pizzas that work well with the movies or albums that are nominated. Make a “24K magic” pizza by adding truffles and other decadent ingredients to your pie. Channel your inner Despacito by creating a restaurant inspired ‘za full of your favorite ingredients likeplum tomatoes, spinach, garlic and more.

Although we don’t know who will get the Oscar nod yet, why not pick your favorite classic Oscar winners to create pizzas after. A dessert pizza for Forrest Gump? A Chicago-style pizza for Chicago? A BBQ chicken pizza for Birdman? Endless possibilities.

Don’t forget the dessert

No party is complete without something sweet. If you aren’t a baker, some easy and impressive desserts are just a chocolate dip away! Chocolate-dipped pretzels are the perfect combination of sweet and salty, and after you dip the pretzel rod in chocolate you can add on edible glitter or star sprinkles. Oreo cookies and strawberries are other fun dippers. You can even make the strawberries look like tuxedos.

If you are looking to do something a bit more adventurous, these microphone cake pops would be the perfect addition to any Grammy’s party!