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Fall Fun in Fifteen

The leaves are turning, there’s a crisp breeze in the air, your Home Run Inn pizza is baking in the oven and the kids are running around screaming. Does this sound like your family around dinnertime? Here are some 15-minute activities for Fall to entertain the kids during your HRI pizza bake time.
A classic favorite, Leaf Piles, but with a twist! Gets the yard clean and it’s fun. While your Home Run Inn pizza is baking, rake some leaves into 4 piles and hide the HRI pizza box in one of the piles. See who could find it the fastest and they get the first slice!
Leaves are obviously all around, so why not use them for art. Have the children collect leaves and cut and color them into their favorite pizza toppings. Print out a pizza image and have the children decorate the pizza with their leaf toppings. Get creative and use markers, glitter, whatever decorative accessories you have. See who can get the most creative with their Home Run Inn pie!
Another creative and easy activity is leaf rubbing art work. Have your kids collect some leaves. Pull out the crayons or colored pencils and have the kids place a few leaves on a table and cover the leaves with a white piece of paper. Once the paper is placed over the leaves, tape it down so that it doesn’t move. Take the crayon or colored pencil and rub it over the paper. The outline of the leaf will magically appear on the white paper and become art!
Hope one or all of these fall activities help make your Home Run Inn Pizza bake time not only fun but fly by!