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Pizza From Around the World: World Cup Edition

With the World Cup underway, we want to take you on an international Pizza tour. Try these exotic toppings on your HRI pizza while cheering on your favorite teams!
1) Brazil

Pizza in Brazil traditionally consists of a thin crust as well as a thin layer of sauce, and they let their toppings do most of the talking.  Some typical toppings include olives, ham, bacon, oregano, and tomatoes, but they occasionally add in some more unique toppings such as hard boiled eggs as seen above.  The perfect Home Run Inn match would be an Ultra Thin Cheese Pizza to start and then you finish with your choice of the toppings above! Delicioso
2) France

Similar to Brazil, France is no stranger to adding eggs on their pizza. They cook them sunny-side up either directly on the pizza or separately, adding them on when the pizza is finished. The Home Run Inn Classic Cheese or Sausage would work great with an egg topping to give it your own French touch! Mangez bien
3) Germany

German’s are big fans of adding tuna to their pizza. Common ingredients that they combine with tuna are onions, pepper, and oregano. Grocery stores in Germany offer pizza with tuna already on it in their frozen isle! The simplest way to create this is by using the Home Run Inn Classic Cheese pizza and adding in canned tuna along with complementary ingredients. Genießen
4) Australia

Coming in with the most exotic pizza, Australia makes it difficult to replicate their meat lover’s pizza. Where meat lover’s pizzas usually consist of something along the lines of sausage, pepperoni, or chicken, Australia makes theirs with crocodile, emu, and kangaroo with a barbecue sauce. God luck trying to replicate this pizza, hopefully you know where to find good kangaroo meat!
We hope you give one of these exotic pizzas a shot before the Cup is over. Let us know about your creations below! Go USA!